Wednesday, 9 October 2013

shorten urls to earn cash are scams

If you have been looking for way to earn online you may have found websites that offer you the opportunity to earn cash for shortening urls.... These are scams plain and simple. The way they work is that you are meant to get money for each visitor to that shortened url as the visitor will see a advert before being redirected to the url that has been shortened... When you receive a certain number of visitors you will be able to cash out.. but the truth is you wont get any money.... The morons who own these websites will ban you! Sometimes with a pathetic excuse and sometimes just silence..... Dont bother using these links to earn money you wont get any money for it and your just wasting your time.. besides these links are really bad for seo if your linking to a website with them google and other search engines really hate these links and may even penalize your website for using them. Dont make the scammers who run these website rich... dont use them!